Hello and welcome to my website Breathe, Move, Be.

The most common protest I hear from people about coming to a yoga class is, “I’m not flexible!” Well, let me tear the walls of judgement, competition, and expectations down right now and share a little something with you… Yoga isn’t about perfecting a goal but becoming one with the moment, and for me, learning to let go.

My journey into the world of yoga started 20 years ago. I was lost in a panicked haze about, “what the hell am I doing with my life?!” Always being a fan of physical activity and looking for something more, I went into my first yoga class. It was an experience I haven’t been able to duplicate and  I walked out in tears (the good kind). The release I experienced and sense of presence I connected with during that class truly changed my life.

After years of practice, with all kinds of teachers, in places all over, the opportunity presented itself to take a teacher training in Juneau, Alaska where I was living at the time. This was a unique opportunity seeing as I was living in a small Alaskan town but a wonderful (rainy) place to fully commit myself to my studies. My main instructor through the process of working towards my 200hr RYT certification was Kristin Mabry with YogaFit. She inspired, stretched, and motivated me to embrace the oneness we all share and celebrate the uniqueness that each student and teacher can bring to a yoga class experience.

I am, and always will be a lifetime yoga student. I love teaching because it allows me to share all of the best little bits of yoga knowledge that have intrigued, relaxed and excited me. I can’t imagine not sharing the light that this discipline has blessed my life with! It’s also a place for me to share some killer jams while moving the body with focused strength and acceptance.

If you are interested in having me teach a yoga class please contact me. I’m always looking for new venues and opportunities to connect and share yoga with others.