Professional Experience:

Sarah Murphy – 200 RYT
For over 15 years, Sarah has taught various styles of yoga, incorporating a blend of slow flow, balance, strength, and flexibility. Her open and honest delivery is accessible and doable by individuals at any fitness level. Sarah’s classes offer a connected experience that encourages self-expression, presence, and inquiry to connect to self. All classes are set to music that is appropriate in pace and message. For her, music is the common thread, the sutra that connects the different elements of the class.

Sarah models and instructs pranayama in a very direct and effective manner. Her own breath work is strong and audible; she effectively cues the students simply through being. You can expect that every class will offer the opportunity to practice being present and to witness your response patterns so that you can make mindful decisions on the mat and in life.

What’s your teaching philosophy?
I think the most important thing when teaching anything is to make sure that everyone feels included no matter what level they are. I like to acknowledge that a students willingness to step into a yoga class, offer their presence to the moment and to witness to their internal experience is so very BRAVE and enough.

What can people expect in a typical class?
In class we will breathe and move to music that inspires us to drop into a connected experience of being present in the mind and playful in the body. You can expect that every class will honor the willingness to show up for yourself. We will practice being present through physical and mental challenges so that we can witness our reactions to it. How we react to discomfort on our mat is often how we react to discomfort in life so class is a place to practice how we respond.

What’s a mostly unknown surprising fact about you?
I had heart surgery when I was a baby.

What are you most grateful for in This moment?
That any moment can change with the practice of gratitude.

Education & Certification:

  • Yoga Alliance 200 RYT certificaiton
  • Buti Yoga Level 1 & 2 Teacher Training
  • Over 200 hours of YogaFit Teacher Training
  • YogaFit level 1-5
  • YogaFit Anatomy & Alignment
  • YogaFit Core
  • YogaFit Lean
  • YogaFit Props
  • YogaFit Pre-Natal/Post-Partum
  • YogaFit Seniors
  • Certified in Body Training Systems Group Centergy(mix of yoga, pilates & tai chi)